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Hi! I’m Karine Himbeault (aka Sraddhà), founder of Kàrunya Yoga.

Kàrunya means "Compassion" in the sacred language of Yoga (Sanskrit). It is one of the natural results of a yoga and meditation practice: a deeper love for oneself and for others.

New to Brooklyn since April 2016, I had previously been living and teaching in Montreal, Quebec. My husband and I are supposed to stay here for a few years, but as ever-changing as life can be, who knows what will happen next!

I’m a yoga teacher & freelance graphic designer (at Vivace Design).

It's a privilege to be able to explore creativity, movement, space & mindfulness through design as well as yoga.

My teaching style: hatha yoga instilled with vitality and lightheartedness.

I believe yoga can help us let go of what was, accept what is and trust in what will. My classes combine relaxation, pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness and asana (poses). Here are some examples of classes I teach:

  • Introduction to yoga: for beginners looking for a step-by-step initiation.
  • Multi-level classes: adapted to beginners as well as more seasoned students; includes dynamic sequences as well as static pose exploration.
  • Restorative and therapeutic: tailored for back care, bones & joints care, stress-relief, postural adjustments, immune system strengthening, etc.

To me, yoga should adapt to each person's physical, emotional and mental state - not the other way around.

  • Training & Certification

    • Exhale to Inhale Teacher Training with Tara Tonini, December 2016
    • 300-Hour yoga Teacher Training* with Sophie Laroche at Soham Yoga, completed in October 2013
    • 250-Hour Therapeutic Teacher Training* with Antonella Morun, completed in May 2015
    • Several 10-day and 3-day Vipassana courses as taught by S.N. Goenka, since 2010

    *Certifications recognized by the Federation Francophone de Yoga and the International Yoga Federation.

  • Recent Workshops

    • Ramanand Patel workshop, June 2016
    • François Raoult workshop (on Tadassana), October 2015
  • Volunteer Work

· Inspiration ·

My heart is filled with gratitude towards all my teachers.

They have taught me so much about humility, self-observation and acceptance.

Special thanks to Kâli-Sophie Laroche, Marie-Hélène Durga Tapin, Antonella Morun, Hervé Blondon & François Raoult for their knowledgable, generous and loving guidance.

Immeasurable thanks to the loves of my life: my sweetheart Martin, my precious friends, my loving family and everyone out there with whom I've had a connexion. You have enriched my existence in many ways that linger on to this day.

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Private Classes

Tailored to your specific needs, private classes are a great way to support your personal practice while deepening your body and mind awareness.

  • 1-Hour Class: $75/person ($90/2 pers.; $108/3 pers.)
  • 1.5-Hour Class: $90/person ($108/2 pers.; $126/3 pers.)

Special discounts can be discussed for class packages.

Corporate Yoga

Doing yoga at the office offers a wide array of benefits.
Increased (+): focus, productivity, satisfaction, creativity,...
Decreased (-): stress, fatigue, back pain, disease risk factors,...

Please contact me to discuss the most appropriate offerings for your team.

Special Events

Customized classes can be organized for special moments like birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, graduations, weddings, etc.

Please contact me to discuss your event!

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